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A data-oriented learn to drive experiences from download WeDrive Apps. Smart theory app, find instructors, book different type lessons by your convenience, track your learning, all in one account —Unique in the UK.

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Find driving instructors

Access over 500+ driving instructors' real-time timetable in-app. Send enquiries to your selected instructors by one click on website.

Data-oriented Learning

Build confidence via detailed tracked progress, reflectives, driving routes, time, mileages.

Increase pass rate

Data-driven platform & learner community helps you get more clear information from instructors and learners before test.

WeDrive Theory App

The UK's only cloud-tech theory app, modern and smart design. Full content access can be given by your WeDrive instructor

Awesome & Unique App Functionality

WeDrive is a data-driven platform. Learners will benefit from our data oriented learning process with diving instructors to get the most of the flexibilty and cost-effectivity.

Creative Features

Perfect Match Driving Instructors

Find ‘perfect match’ driving instructors by different criteria, depending on what’s important to you. Browse, search and sort: by location; according to what times they have free slots; by price; car brand; transmission type; and more. Getting behind the steering wheel much easier.

Smart communication system helps you get response quick and convenient.

Access all the instructor's free slots around you, make different bookings by your needs.

Creative Features

Data-oriented Learning Experience with Learner Community

View your progress level, detailed driving routes, achievements, and areas for improvement in a reflective log after each lesson. Practising time, mileages etc. are all tracked and logged automatically, helping you build confidence in your progression.

Cloud-tech DVSA official learning progress tracker, each step recorded.t

Practise flexibly, anywhere whenever. Increased pass rate with reduced cost

Creative Features

Advanced Lesson Booking System

Eager to practise, busy instructor? Search the next lesson via your availability whenever, wherever, lucky enough to get an one-off discounted lesson. Boost your progress.

Book full mock up driving test with different instructors by just on tap. Increase test pass rate.

Make booking in-app 24/7, pay by Paypal in-app, all just one tap.

Creative Features

Smart Theory Test App with licensed DVSA question bank.

The new, smart algorithm driving theory test app, help learners reduce 20% learning time. The only app in the UK with Cloud-Technology, can synchronise progress seamlessly on all platform.

Practise on mobile or PC, synchronised progress. PC url: pc.wedrive.app

Weekly leaderboard for mock tests, real time quiz competition with friends. Unique in the UK.

Driving To The Future

Learn to drive, the WeDrive way. From the WeDrive Theory app to the WeDrive Theory PC site; from basic driving lessons to full mock testing under exam conditions. Our data-driven platform makes full use of the convenience of technology, combined with flexibility for the user. Find a perfect match driving instructor all by yourself within WeDrive, much quicker and easier than finding the ‘right’ one by word of mouth. Booking your lessons, tracking your progress, all require only a few taps. Learn to drive at your convenience, at your own timescale, wherever you are. Sometimes away at university? At home? Often at work? We make it easy to get lessons wherever you are, and smoothly continue with your practise until you’re ready to take your test and get licensed. This makes it much more likely you’ll pass first time! Make learning to drive as easy as ordering a takeaway or getting a taxi. And, more importantly, saving you a lot of time, hassle and worry in the process. Cut out the uncertainty and the waiting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I pay for the lessons I book on WeDrive?

    As a data-driven platform, our primary aim is to ensure you find your perfect match of driving instructors. How to pay for your lessons depends on the driving instructor's personal preferences, which can be viewed on their profile page before you book with them. We’ve built in a paypal.me link on the profile pages of instructors who have chosen to offer the option of paying via PayPal. You can also discuss this with the instructor prior to booking by just messaging them in-app.

  • I already have a driving instructor, how would I benefit from WeDrive?

    We wish to increase every learner's chance of success, and maximise the first-time pass rate for WeDrive users. If you can ask your instructor download and signup WeDrive Instructor App. Once you booking lesson through WeDrive platform, your learning route, driving mileages will be traacked. Start building up your confidence or driving. As recommended by the DVSA, mock tests do help to increase your chance of passing. Also, by doing the mock with a new/unfamiliar instructor more closely replicates the test-day experience, helping you build confidence in advance and get over the fear of the unknown. Plus, practicing with different instructors who are also familiar with the tests routes can only increase your skill level. With our smart diary system, booking a full mock driving test with ADIs on WeDrive with ADIs is as easy as ordering a pizza or booking a taxi. All thanks to our advanced technologies.

  • How can I use WeDrive’s data about my practice to benefit my driving?

    You can view your driving route after each lesson, and review your successes and failures on the route before deciding whether to practice the same route again, amend your route next time, or progress to practising in a different (for example more challenging or unfamiliar) area. Reviewing the distances you’ve driven on the road, the amount of time you’ve spent on practising within different types of road etc. will all help you build your confidence on the road and your awareness of your true experience level. This can in turn also help when getting advice from new instructors or deciding whether you’re ready to book a test. Additionally, our partners, such as insurance companies, may offer you a discount on your insurance based on your driving time or distance!

  • I’m not satisfied with my instructor, how can I change?

    Nobody wants this to ever happen. But sometimes you may decide that you need a change, aren’t able to regularly get the slots you want with your current instructor, aren’t quite understanding things with the way they teach, or just want some extra instruction or a different perspective from someone new. On the WeDrive platform, all your learning and progression is always tracked. So your current level of progress is always up-to-date, allowing any new instructor to quickly and accurately get a clear and reliable idea of your current abilities. So you don't need to worry about to changing to a new driving instructor, even if you want to keep switching between multiple different instructors based on who’s available at any given time! Invest your time and money reliably and worry-free - whilst saving on both!



I love the simplicity and design/feel of the WeDrive apps, after innitially being attracted by the brand's social media presence and personality. The theory app was very easy to use, yet met all my needs and was effective in helping me achieve my goal of passing first time. It helped me understand the material but was also fun to spend spend time on. I can see everyone in my age group / future users always taking the option of finding an instructor and booking lessons via an app if they can. I can't believe this wasn't possible sooner!

Ellie Lees WeDrive Platform Learner

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Download the app now. Find your new driving instructor, or book a lesson or full mock test today. Look for a bargain, decide to take refresher session, or get some quick practice in nearby. Achieve all your goal with WeDrive, whether that’s getting your license as efficiently as possible and passing first-time or becoming the best driver you can be. Your journey starts here. Begin now.


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We will continue to place significant investment into the expansion of the WeDrive platform, always with the goal of providing the best possible user experience and flexibility for learners.
Learn to drive the WeDrive way. The future of driving tuition, today.