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A comprehensive all-in-one solution.

Why WeDrive benefits driving instructors?

A new & unique data-driven platform, designed for car learners and driving instructors. Maximise net income, reduce marketing cost and management time. From marketing to admin, including learners' theory test preparation, all in one app.

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Instant Ready-made Marketing

Create an instructor profile, you and your free slots immediately listed on WeDrive platform.

Increase Your Income

Unlimited free new students from WeDrive Platform. More income less marketing cost.

Paperless & Effortless

WeDrive's 'smart' designed instructor app and PC platform. Bring your management app to another level.

Better Learner Experiences

Lesson booking, reminder, progress tracking, communication, learner community and more, all in one place. Unique data-oriented learning process.

Awesome & Unique App Functionality

Harness the power of WeDrive's smart systems, takes advantage of the latest technology and algorithms. Built to meet the specific needs of today's busy driving instructor. From Admin to Marketing, all in one app.

Creative Features

Automatic Data-Driven Publicity

Your instructor profile and services are searchable via location, lesson timeslots (with live availability), reputation, vehicle transmission type, brand of car, any promotional offers you wish to publicise for any given slot(s) you specify, and even your second language.

Online diary to take booking 24/7

Fill up your free slots & last-minute cancellation.

Creative Features

Smart Communication System

Keep easy track of all your correspondence with existing and potential new pupils. Field enquiries, arrange lessons, and receiving payment directly from your learners, whilst chatting in real-time. Any new enquiries, reply by one tap.

Do more while doing less, even just chat

Customisable quick reply, one tap, sent.

Creative Features

Smart Reminder & Notification System

Be free of those endless text message chains or late-night email sessions. Our system will automatically send twice-daily lesson reminders which your pupils can instantly respond to.

Annouce your free slot by just one tap

Notifications about last-minute cancellation send to all learners around

Creative Features

Smart learner progress tracking and All-in-One management

Create a detailed driving lesson record for pupil after each lesson with summary by just few taps. A special data-oriented learning progress for pupil. Record, track and manage your personal finances, in-app marketing, anytime, on the go, in-app

Cloud-tech applied, take on different level learners easier.

Manage everything in-app, pupils, marketing, finance, expenditures.

A Must-Have Whole Package for All Driving Instructors

90 Days Free Trial & £9.99/Month After

New Learners

Immediately listed on WeDrive platform. Your own bespoke, easy to edit, 'social media style' profile page is built to attract the attention - and custom - of all types of learner from across our platform

Instructor App &
Web Management

Enjoy our next generation instructor & learner app, harness the power of WeDrive's 'smart' design. Manage existing students, accept new learners, receive bookings, NO-COMMISSION Paypal payment in the same place.

Full Access to WeDrive Driving Theory

Giving up to 30 pupils per month, full access to our revolutionary Modern designed, Cloud-Tech, Smart Algorithms applied, DVSA licensed driving theory test app and website. Join the largest UK's learner community

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Why WeDrive is a must-have for ADIs?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to join the WeDrive Platform?

    It is always to free download the WeDrive Instructor App itself from the App Stores. During our pilot test period, everything is totally free of cost to driving instructors! Currently our pilot testing period is 90 days, may extend depend on how the situation goes. Our monthly charge for ADIs will be £9.99/Month after pilot testing period.

  • I already have a diary management app, how would I benefit from WeDrive?

    WeDrive Instructor App is more than a diary management app. Much more No matter whether you are an independant instructor or franchising, just start posting your free slots on WeDrive platform. With the ever-increasing number of learners on the WeDrive platform, from our Theory Test app, you will attract the attention - and business - of many more different kinds of potential learner than usual: from people looking for one-off 'refresher' sessions or learners needing a full mock test with a new instructor. Even simply the ability to quickly and easily extend your working area for a particular day, for example to generate extra bookings by fulfilling the demand for instructors in nearby town with a temporary shortage WeDrive makes all of this possible: easy, efficient and fast.

  • I already have my own social media channel & website. How can WeDrive benefit me?

    We all know it is time consuming and costly to maintain your own website and keep your social media accounts updated in an effort to attract for new learners With WeDrive, you need not worry about this any longer! You'll will have your own social media style profile, generated automatically for you upon registration, and fully customisable by you immediately, easily editable any time. Your profile includes an optional photo wall for you to advertise your business or promote yourself. Your media posts in 'WeDrive Circles' will available for learners on the platform to see as soon as you hit publish. Our data-driven publicity give you much more chances to advertisie your business, automatically and 24/7. WeDrive Theory App has a rapidly growing userbase: a continually replensihing source of new learners. Bringing new learners and prospective pupils to WeDrive Instructor, thus supplying you with a stream of new customers, is our top priority.

  • I'm interested. What are the requirements and what do I need to do?

    Simply download the app now and get started! There is no initial cost to you or investment needed - and no commitments. All you need is a device to use the app on. It does not matter what brand/operating system/platform you use. WeDrive Instructor is designed to be highly user-friendly, with no steep learning curve. Just spend a few minutes signing up for your profile, and add a few details about the services you offer. You're then ready to start your WeDrive journey and begin to connect with new customers!


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We will continue to put significant investment into the expansion of the WeDrive platform and introduce WeDrive Platform to all learner promotion to all learner drivers across the UK. Learn to drive the WeDrive way. The future of driving tuition, today.