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Car thefts on the rise – but police only investigate 1 in 4 crimes

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Shocking new statistics have been released that show that police across England and Wales are only investigating less than one in four car thefts.

The total number of car thefts has increased by a third compared to the previous year, which is concerning. These figures were obtained by the Liberal Democrats through a Freedom of Information request and reveal that only 23% of the 47,228 car thefts reported last year were attended by the police. This number is even lower than the attendance rate of 24.72% in 2021, indicating a concerning trend.

Further analysis of the data shows that Avon and Somerset Police had the worst record in England, attending just 11% of reported car thefts. Cambridgeshire Police and Bedfordshire followed closely with attendance rates of 12% and 13%, respectively. On the other hand, some areas of the country performed better, such as Cumbria and Durham, which had attendance rates of 76% and 63%, respectively, for reported car thefts. Despite these variations, the figures have led MPs to call it a national scandal.

The Freedom of Information request was sent to 43 police forces in England and Wales, but only 22 responses were received, raising concerns about the transparency and reliability of the data. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey has called on Ministers to apologize for the situation and commit to proper community policing.

The Home Office has acknowledged the gravity of the crime and is working with the automotive industry and police to strengthen their response. The Crime Survey for England and Wales reported that vehicle crime is down 18% since December 2019, but there is still a long way to go.

In light of these alarming statistics, it is important to consider potential solutions to address this issue in England and Wales. Some suggestions include increasing police presence in areas with high car theft rates, investing in advanced security systems for vehicles, and promoting public awareness of the issue.

What do you think of these statistics, and what solutions do you propose to tackle the problem of car theft in England and Wales? Share your thoughts below.

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