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England’s most high risk roads set for £47.5m funding boost to prevent fatal injuries

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A funding package of £47.5m has been announced by the Government to enhance the safety of the country’s most high-risk roads, which will ultimately benefit drivers across England.

According to the Department for Transport (DfT), financial support from the Safer Roads Fund will allow 27 new schemes to be completed.

With state of the roads often being called into question, this could be welcome news to millions of drivers.

The goal for DfT is for road users around the country to benefit from re-designing junctions, improved signage, safer pedestrian crossings, and new road markings.

The programme will use the funding to try and reduce the risk of collisions – which will in turn reduce congestion, journey times, and emissions.

As part of the funding scheme, the government will work with local authorities and safety groups throughout the process.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Britain’s roads are some of the safest in the world, but we are always looking at ways to help keep drivers and all road users safe.

“We’re injecting £47.5m so that local councils around the country have the support they need to keep everyone safe, while reducing congestion and emissions and supporting local economies.”The allocation the funding has been based on data independently surveyed and provided by the Road Safety Foundation.

During their study, the data analysed is based on a road safety risk – primarily analysing information recorded on those killed and seriously injured alongside traffic levels.

According to Road Safety Foundation analysis, early estimates suggest that the scheme could prevent around 760 fatal and serious injuries over the next two decades.

Dr Suzy Charman, Executive Director of the Road Safety Foundation said: “The commitment and funding announced today is transformational for road safety teams in local authorities across the country.

“It will allow them to proactively reduce risk and make these 27 roads safer and more inviting for all road users.

“Systematic changes have already had a big impact on road death and serious injury, for example seatbelts and airbags protect lives when crashes happen. In the same way we can design roads safely so when crashes occur, people can walk away.

“This can be done by clearing or protecting roadsides, putting in cross hatchings to add space between vehicles which provides safer junctions like roundabouts, or adding signalisation and/or turning pockets, and including facilities for walking and cycling.”

The 27 schemes that will receive funding from the Safer Roads Fund are local councils in Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, Derby, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Hull, Isle of Wight, Lancashire, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxfordshire, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Salford, Sandwell, Sheffield, Southampton, Southend, Suffolk, Surrey, Surrey, Warwickshire, and Wiltshire.

How can we further address the problems of road safety and street quality throughout the nation? Are there any significant roads in your area that require immediate repairs? Please share your thoughts below.

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