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Drivers are being warned about a new generation of ‘stealth’ speed camera vans, which could be rolled out across the UK in the near future.

These new unmarked police vans, which are painted in a matt grey color, are less noticeable than the traditional bright orange and yellow speed camera vans. The aim of the trial, being conducted by Northamptonshire Police, is to reduce the number of speeding drivers on the roads and consequently lower the number of accidents and fatalities caused by speeding. If successful, this approach could be adopted nationally by rewrapping the current police-marked speed vans with the same matte grey color.

While it is not legally required for local officers or councils to alert drivers about upcoming speed cameras, the hope is that using these unmarked vehicles will prevent drivers from slowing down only when they spot a police van, and then speeding up once it is out of sight. Road Angel, a car-tech company, believes this move could lead to positive changes in driver behavior.

The founder of Road Angel, Gary Digva, stated that these covert camera vans are a step forward in reducing the number of speeding drivers on UK roads. He recommends that motorists assume that every van they see on the road is carrying a speed camera and watch their speed accordingly.

While there is still a long way to go to stop speeding vehicles and the number of fatalities and injuries they cause, introducing these vans could make drivers think twice before breaking the speed limit.

It is worth noting that a new app has been developed that can turn every car into a speed camera, highlighting the growing problem of speeding in the UK. Additionally, trials will soon take place to introduce a new road noise camera that can identify and track drivers who excessively rev their engines or use modified exhausts.

Overall, the trial of unmarked speed camera vans is an interesting approach to tackling speeding on UK roads. Whether or not this approach will be adopted nationally remains to be seen, but it may be a positive step towards reducing the number of accidents and fatalities caused by speeding.

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