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3 Ways to Save on Fuel Whilst Driving

by WeDrive
WeDrive 3 Ways to Save on Fuel Whilst Driving Blog Post

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, and the constant rising and falling price of petrol, it can often feel like you need to take out a small loan just to pay for it. If this is something that you struggle with, you may be pleased to hear that there are a few ways in which you can save on fuel whilst driving, which you may have never even known!

Whether you’re looking to save fuel or just better manage your budget, our top 3 ways to save on fuel whilst driving may be just what saves you those extra pounds.

Clamp down on those bad habits

Believe it or not, your driving style can have a huge influence on how much fuel your car consumes. If you’re a bit heavy-footed with the pedals, you’ll want to opt for a gentler approach — braking sharply or trying to set off too quickly will have you guzzling much more fuel than you actually need. Similarly, drivers with a need for speed will find themselves using  more fuel in an attempt to overtake other vehicles, only to find themselves at a red light anyway. If you keep to a constant speed, however, you won’t burn as much fuel.You’ll also find it beneficial to pay close attention to the sounds coming from your engine. Too many drivers tend to wait too long to change to a higher gear, or switch to a higher gear far too soon, leading to unnecessary fuel consumption.

Check Your Tyres

If you’ve been on the road for any amount of time, you’ll have heard how crucial it is to check your tires. Not only does this reduce the risk of falling victim to an accident. But also, If they’re underinflated, your car has to use a lot more fuel to keep moving. This is an issue that many in the UK suffer from. In fact, a study by Michellin found that those in the UK were “wasting £246 million a year on fuel and putting lives at risk by driving on dangerously underinflated tyres”.

Going Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking for a way to save on costs all round when it comes to driving, opting for an eco-friendly car might be a good decision. Not only are these types of vehicles better for the environment, they’re also great for your wallet. Going fully electric means you may even be able to forget those dreaded trips to the petrol station entirely, while a hybrid car can still see serious reductions in your fuel budget. The downside here, however, is that the upfront cost of your vehicle is likely to be much higher. If you’re a little put off by the price, you’ll be pleased to hear that the government does offer grants for buying certain eco-friendly cars. See https://www.gov.uk/plug-in-vehicle-grants for more details.

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