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Mental Health Focus: Coping with driving anxiety

by WeDrive

Coinciding with Mental Health Awareness month, we’re going to be increasing our rate of posting to the WeDrive Blog: including plenty of useful mental health resources relevant to the world of driving and driver training.

Mental health issues such as anxiety continue to be a challenge for many new/learner drivers, as they are for young people nationwide in general. This can severely affect driving performance, testing success, or even ruin the driver training experience for some people, putting them off becoming licensed completely.
This is obviously not what we want, given WeDrive exists to improve the driver training experience – in terms of enjoyment, not just success and efficiency – for all learners (and their instructors).

First up: a few top tips to help manage driving anxiety!

One of the best things you can do to keep nerves to a minimum is keep driving regularly – it is much more difficult to get behind the wheel with anxiety when you have put it off for a long time.
If you struggle with anxiety however, work through our tips on how to cope below. You got this!

Keep your eyes on our blog for more information around such issues throughout this month.
Thankfully, many in our industry are beggining to recognise and address these challenges and there are some fantastic resources out there.

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