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New and learner drivers! Enter our quick survey – and win £30

by WeDrive
Learner and new driver survey 2022: win £30

We’ve created a quick poll to gauge the experiences of learners and new drivers nationwide today.
Take part in the survey below and be entered into our prize draw to win £30.
It’s all multiple choice and takes less than 3 minutes – so enter now!

Learner and new driver survey 2022: win £30This survey is for all learner drivers, future learners, and new drivers across the UK.
All valid entries will be entered into our prize draw to win £30.

Survey takes approx 2 minutes. Please choose the one response that BEST fits you.
For the final question you may select whichever answers apply. Hit 'SUBMIT' once you're done.

Winner will be drawn at random and notified directly. Please ensure you enter your email correctly so that you can receive notification and details of how to claim your prize!
Entering your email also automatically subscribes you to our mailing list (we'll be running more exlusive competitions so stay tuned!).

Prize draw result will also be posted on our social media channels (so give us a follow!)

Your email
Which of these options best describes you?

(Select the one answer that most closely fits your status as a road user)

If you've booked your practical test (or already took it) how long was the wait between booking the test and taking it?

Choose the closest answer to the wait time you experienced

Have you passed your practical driving test?

(Select the one option that best describes your driving test progress)

If you have taken/booked a test, did you have to wait for long after you were ready?

If you're LOOKING to book/re-book a driving test, when are you aiming for?

If you've PASSED your THEORY test, how many attempts did it take?

If you have NOT YET PASSED your theory, how many times have you taken the test

(Answer with how many times you have taken the test so far)

If you've been intending to learn to drive, but haven't yet, what discouraged you?

Tick all that apply

Thank you for taking part!
Winner of prize draw will be notfied by email (make sure to check your spam box!)

Good luck!

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