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How to pass your theory test quickly?

by WeDrive

You’re just 5 steps away from passing! Take advantage of WeDrive’s smart algorithms

The WeDrive Theory App is the UK’s only theory test app that applies cloud technology to its fullest potential and maximises the benefits it can offer learners. Download Now With WeDrive’s technology, you’re able to practice on your mobile and/or PC and easily pick back up with your latest progress automatically synchronised, wherever you are and whatever device you use. The choice is yours. WeDrive puts the power in your hands.

Various Practise Mode

So, let’s get straight to it. Your 5 steps are as follows:

1.Work through every question, by topic. You can exit at any time, with your progress always saved seamlessly. Tap flag to flag the questions you want to check later in the Flagged Questions Folder. For any questions you answer incorrectly, these will automatically be saved in the Wrongly Answered Folder for your convenience. Don’t forget to take another look at these!

2. Work through all the questions in the Wrongly Answered folder until you empty this folder. How quickly can you empty this folder?! Then, means you answered all the questions correctly. Congrats!

3. Go through the questions stored in the Most Difficult folder. This folder automatically saves and updates the top 100 questions you’ve most frequently answered incorrectly. Once you’ve finished, make sure you’ve been able to clear all the questions from the Wrongly Answered folder again!

4. Once you’ve finished the first three steps, you’re ready to attempt WeDrive’s in-app Mock Test. You can even try to get to the top of our Weekly National Leaderboard! As before, all your wrongly answered questions are saved to the Wrongly Answered Folder automatically. Most importantly, you can practice the Mock Test on your PC, from pc.wedrive.appSimply go to that web page in your browser of choice, and log in using your usual account details. The Mock Test on our PC site is just like the real-life theory test – so make sure you give it a go.

5. If you want to also practise the hazard perception test and video case studies, you can easily do this by upgrading your WeDrive account either on PC (via Paypal)or by in-app purchase for a one-off cost of just £1.99. Just like with our master question bank, all the hazard perception videos on our platform are DVSA licensed and updated to reflect the latest content. The videos can be streamed directly to your device, with no need to download them first.

Hazard perception video and Case study question videos are streaming directly. NO need to download.

At WeDrive we are always listening and looking to improve. If you have any thoughts about our app, or about the learn-to-drive experience, just let us know. Please follow us on our social media platforms and DM us with any questions.
Also, feel free to get involved with our monthly competitions, to win Amazon Vouchers, Apple products and other exciting giveaways!

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