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Driving Instructors: take your tuition – and business – to the next level!

by WeDrive

Work smartly, with WeDrive!

WeDrive is the revolutionary new data-driven platform, at the heart of which are 4 game-changing ‘smart’ apps designed and built for tomorrow’s learner drivers and today’s driving instructors respectively.

For learners, we have created WeDrive Learner and WeDrive Theory to serve the needs of the next generation of drivers: Gen Z.

For ADIs, we present the groundbreaking WeDrive Instructor.
We worked with experienced, new, and retired ADIs to develop an a truly complete one-stop-shop solution designed to provide benefits to all instructors. Try it now – for FREE.

It’s both a total toolkit, using the latest tech to let ADIs complete all the necessary tasks of their working week in one place, with efficiency and speed, and a nationwide automatic marketing platform.

Introducing the WeDrive Instructor app

Simply complete ‘social style’ profile in the app and we you will be automatically listed on our platform, giving you exposure to new learners searching for instructors across the UK.
Make spending time and money (and worry) sourcing new pupils a thing of the past: with WeDrive, they will find you! Having a profile on WeDrive Instructor means you will be visible to users searching for lessons on our WeDrive Learner app. They can browse instructors in their area or search for those that match their chosen criteria (vehicle type, gender, location, usual availability etc.).
Coming very soon is a web version of this: meaning users can edit their profile and update details of the services they offer in any web browser (desktop or laptop) and potential learners have another way of browsing through our listed instructors.

Most exciting is the game-changing smart timetabling system. We’ve leveraged the latest technology to benefit both instructors’ business and learners’ lesson booking experience.
On WeDrive Instructor, you have total control over your timetable and schedule. The flexible calendar system allows you to adjust your slots manually by day and/or replicate them automatically with just a couple of clicks. You can also add in your own appointments, see at-a-glance which pupils you have coming up, add your own notes, and make changes with ease.

All this means WeDrive Instructor offers much more than using a ‘traditional’ basic diary app and ‘listings’ website. It constitutes a true smart booking system based on live availability. You can even receive push notifications to your phone screen with reminders or changes/requests from pupils, which you can then deal with immediately (e.g. confirm/approve the pupil’s request with one click). So no more checking for messages across multiple devices and remembering to respond later, missing important requests, or trying to quickly scribble notes on paper!

But that’s not all: our secure and efficient communications system means you’re actually able to handle all messaging and other student interactions in-app. Again, it’s convenient and efficient having everything in one place in the palm of your hand (or pocket, when driving!) and our notification system means you don’t need to keep checking for messages or worry you’ll miss something. It also reassures the student: with WeDrive Instructor and WeDrive Learner, neither party has to give out or ask for contact details any more! This also allows prospective new students to reach out in-app when making their initial enquiries with potential new instructors: much less scary and off-putting for this new generation than calling or texting a private number. This means they’re more likely to feel comfortable booking with you, via the app, than someone they found on a listing page or were given a mobile number for, benefitting your business.

The whole platform is designed to safely and securely bring instructors and learners closer together, with efficiency and ease. Users of any of the apps can take advantage of the Chat function to exchange useful information whilst working, ask questions, or offer advice. Instructors can, for example, send tips or other learning materials for pupils to work on between lessons.

Finally, instructors and pupils can also make use of our revolutionary Progression Tracking systems to keep a close eye on learner progress as they work through both their practical skills training and their theory practice (on the WeDrive Theory app). Thanks to our cloud tech, pupil progress is automatically updated and stored to their one WeDrive account, no matter what range of devices they’ve been logging in on. All based on the latest DVSA-endorsed learning objectives.

DOWNLOAD WeDrive Instructor from your app store. Free to download. Free to create a profile. Free to use. No hidden charges or obligations.

On that note, we also have the WeDrive ADI Theory App: a counterpart to the main Theory App, encouraging learners and their instructors to be on the same page from day one and work together on the pupil’s understanding of the material.

For you, your pupils, and for the future of the driving tuition industry

One of the core purposes of WeDrive is to save independent instructors both time and effort – but also money.
More specifically, we want instructors to be fully rewarded for their work, effort and skills. That’s why we want to help maximise lesson revenues whilst allowing them to simultaneously minimise their expenditure on marketing/promoting their business and drastically cut the cost (in terms of time and money spent) on admin and communications.
This means more total profits: and a higher profit margin per hour driven!
It’s not purely about putting extra money in your pocket: it’s ensuring a long and sustainable career in the industry for each individual instructor, reducing worries about future revenues and customer bases.
It’s also about encouraging new instructors into the industry in the future. A sustainable, healthy and accessible driving tuition is good for everyone So, you’ve seen how our apps have been crafted to meet the needs of today’s instructors and learners and bring them closer together on their respective journeys. Why not try WeDrive Instructor today?

Download the app from your app store for free, create a profile free of charge – and get started with no cost or commitment and no hidden charges!

Get on board with our Theory App – as tens of thousands of learners already have:

Already tried WeDrive Instructor and are looking for what apps to recommend to your students?
Take a look at the new upgraded edition of WeDrive Theory (now with access to an enhanced web browser version).
WeDrive Theory has continued to go from strength to strength. The first app we released, it has seen continued monthly growth at an exponential rate and has risen quickly to challenge the established ‘old school’ theory apps you’ll have seen.
We have been (and will continue to be) aggressive in investing in WeDrive Theory’s expansion and market growth in order to provide a large, thriving, and active userbase of learners studying their driving theory – who’ll soon be looking for an instructor to begin practical lessons with. The growth of WeDrive’s apps for learners thus benefits instructors on our platform.

We also wanted, through our app, to qualitatively improve the standard of driving theory study in the UK, in order to produce more skilled, more confident, theory-aware, safety-conscious, and just *better* generation of road users.

That’s why we’re asking instructors to take an even more active role in theory tuition – and hope that ADIs will recommend their pupils use WeDrive Theory.

Begin your journey with WeDrive 

We have been building up the bank of instructors listed as service providers for our WeDrive Learner app user base. As we develop closer partnerships with recommended instructors/schools, we will be able to boost the level of exposure we give to particular providers even further. Get on board now and lock in the advantages of being an early adopter.

We continue to reach out to instructors who want to be listed on our platform free of cost. Please get in touch by email with any queries you may have. Alternatively, download WeDrive Instructor from your app store to begin your journey now. Have a look around the app, create your instructor profile and get immediately listed on the platform.

Please note there will be no charge for us listing you on our platform for those registering during our launch period promotion.

In the future, the WeDrive app itself will be a valuable space within which our preferred partners will be featured – and where services can be directly offered to our users. Simply, we want to bring instructors and learners closer together than ever before, all with a few clicks.

Our budget means that the app will be able to continuously develop – and benefit from continuous marketing activity – to position itself at the forefront of the industry as THE go-to ‘one-stop’ platform of choice for this market.

Get on board today to maximise the benefits of being one of the first to take advantage of our platform!

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