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A boost for Driving Instructors at this challenging time

by WeDrive

At WeDrive, our mission from day one has been to both qualitatively improve the learn-to-drive experience for learners and help instructors maximise their income whilst minimising the time, effort and expense of marketing, management and admin. In short, to make a positive impact on the driving industry over all, and build a platform that connects learners and instructors and brings them closer together, with their interests more closely aligned.
After all, a more efficient effective relationship and clearer communication between instructor and learner makes for better driving tuition and, in the long run, more confident and able road users. A better experience for all.

We’ve now entered the launch period for our new app: WeDrive Instructor.
More than the typical ‘basic diary app’, it is both an all-in-one toolkit for today’s instructor and an efficient automatic marketing platform for you and your services. The benefits of independence combined with the advantages of the franchise model – without the usual commissions related to new learners/lesson bookings!

We’re pretty excited about getting instructors on board, getting their feedback and working together to make the platform even better, meeting all the need of present day (and future) driving instructors.

However, we realised that these have been difficult and often stressful times – and that this isn’t necessarily going to stop being the case overnight, even though we are all happy about lessons starting up again.

We wanted to give something back and always want to do what we can to support instructors and help turn the challenges of this period for independent businesses into an opportunity. That’s why we’ve decided to make WeDrive Instructor completely FREE.

Free to download. Free to register and create a profile. Free to continue to use.

No monthly charges, in-app purchases, or hidden fees. No commitments from you needed, and no obligations.
We just want to work with instructors to build up the platform at this stage – so some feedback would always be appreciated!

You can download the app from app stores now. Just search ‘WeDrive Instructor’.

Alternatively, click the link to be taken directly to the signup page: https://adi.wedrive.app/signup

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