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Crazy Ways People Have Failed Their Driving Tests

by WeDrive

I put the car in reverse, hit the gas way too hard, flew back, ran off the pavement, and nearly hit a guy mowing the grass. The instructor was yelling, and in my panic, I stepped even harder on the gas pedal, giving the guy on the mower just enough time to dive onto the ground right before I slammed on the brakes.”

“I made a complete stop at a stop sign and my instructor turned to SCREAM in my face that I ‘wasn’t making the passenger feel safe’ because I was very slowly braking, because apparently ‘If the passenger can’t feel you braking, he doesn’t feel safe.’ So at the next stop sign, I waited until I was right at the stop sign before I slammed on the brakes. He was not wearing a seatbelt, and shot forward and slammed his face into the dashboard on the passenger side.

“I had the windows down and a bee flew in. I was attempting to back into the parking spot whilst also wildly swatting at the bee. I ended up diagonally across two spots with one wheel on the curb… and the tester hadn’t seen the bee. He thought I was insane, and a horrible driver.”

“My instructor was around eight months pregnant, and ended up falling asleep while I was driving! The cars have a GPS system on them, so the system automatically failed me when I went off the ‘guided route’ that my instructor should have been reading out to me. Instead of getting her fired, the two of us decided to say there was construction and that I had to detour.”

“The first time I took my driving test we got hit on the passenger side full force, airbags deployed and everything. First thing I said after we got hit was ‘did I just fail?’ The instructor didn’t really find that funny and ended up being taken in an ambulance for what appeared to be a broken arm and concussion, and I of course had to retake the test and was left terrified of driving.”

“My friend hit a curb and some people say if you hit a curb you automatically fail, so she turned to the instructor and asked ‘Does this mean I fail?’ He just said ‘Oh that doesn’t matter, you already failed because the emergency brake is still on.'”

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