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Weird Driving Test Stories

by WeDrive

It was during winter here in Colorado. I was 15 minutes into the test and had driven perfectly up until that point. Instructor told me to go on a roundabout. The road had more ice and slush on it but I didn’t think much of it at the time so I kept my speed. I was going around when I hit a patch of black ice. As you can guess the car oversteered like crazy. Gave it opposite lock and slammed the throttle to get the rear back in line. That was honestly one of the best saves I’ve ever done. I was feeling so confident that the instructor saw my incredible car control. She failed me.

Omar Ortiz

I got a minor in my test once because I didn’t shut the door properly….

Ben Evans

Ok so for whatever reason they decided that the recessed gauge cluster from the Celica was a good idea in my 2004 matrix. The driving test is going along fine right up until we go to get on the highway. Now in Canada you are required to merge at exactly 100 km/h onto the highway and in order to do this the driving instructor watches quite closely. I’m holding my line on what seemed endless at the time entrance ramp and suddenly I feel something brush my ear. I continue to drive checking my left shoulder for the traffic and to my alarm the driving instructor is leaned over onto my side of the car peering down the tunnel that encloses my gauges. Startled by the sudden close proximity of the white haired stranger, my hands jerk on the wheel and we begin an ungodly wiggle in the entrance lane which I was sure would end in failure. Long story short we entered the highway at 100 and I got my license but there was little conversation for the rest of the test and I learned the importance of my personal bubble. Happy Holidays friends!


My examiner stood in dog poo and slipped over. You could SMELL the atmosphere. The most memorable moment of my life… May 24th 2005, at 9:37am. I still feel sick to this day

David Martin

When I went to my driving test I got really nervous and wasn’t really thinking so for some reason while the car was still moving I pulled the handbrake. Long story short I somehow managed to pass my driving test. My instructor was surprised.


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