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Teaching young road users about safety

by WeDrive

It goes without saying that all road users need to know about – and practice – road safety. Some road users, however, are more vulnerable than others or may need to take extra care or additional road safety measures. Children, for example, need to quickly learn about road safety, despite having little exposure to roads. It is vital that they understand from a young age how to stay safe and learn about the different types of road user that they will encounter (cyclists, car drivers, motorbike riders, buses etc), the different dangers that each of these pose, what to look out for, and the way to act in order to stay safe. Even young learner drivers can benefit from further understanding these risks and the appropriate corresponding safety measures before getting behind the wheel for the first time – and also be aware of the different types of road user they will encounter, including more vulnerable groups such as pedestrians (especially children).

Specialist solicitor firm Hussey Fraser have put together this handy infographic highlighting such safety issues and how to raise awareness of them to young people:

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