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6 reasons to get your driving licence in 2019

by WeDrive

Happy new year! It’s that time again: new year, new you. Maybe. Alongside the short days, cold nights, and too-tempting sales January brings with it a time where you feel like you want to set yourself some new goals and generally start living your best life. Yes, it’s New Year Resolutions time! Maybe you’ll even stick to one or two this year.

One of the common resolutions for people is to pass their driving test and finally get that driving license, especially when all of your mates can drive and even your little sister mocks you with her smug aura. However… as the weeks pass it can get harder and harder to stick with your plan, even after you’ve excitedly told everyone about it and pinky swore you’d get it done.

With that said, here’s a few very good reasons to stick with it and achieve your goal – or at least make you want to book a few lessons…

Leave public transport in the dust

Ok so public transport has its place: it can be an efficient and cheap way of getting somewhere, or of getting around when you’re visiting an unfamiliar place. And who doesn’t use Uber when they’re going out out? But for day to day life, especially if you commute, you can quickly get to that stage where you’ve waited for one too many late trains, endured a freezing cold or needlessly sweltering bus ride, or spent a traumatic half hour hurtling through stinky subterranean subways with some random guy’s sweaty body squished all up in your business. On those days you can only dream of cruising around in your own chariot like a king.

So maybe 2019 is the finally the time to ditch that (unreasonably expensive) travel card and ease yourself into the smooth leather driving seat of a fine automobile. Or at least a Corsa.

Drive your social life

It’s not just about efficiency or the distance you can cover – being able to drive truly enhances you’re social life. And it’s not just about empty bragging rights or not being the last of your mates to pass. Imagine the simple pleasure of impromptu trip with a friend, without having to make tedious plans around public transport, and being able to go pick them up when YOU want to.

Got a pal you haven’t seen in a while? Been meaning to catch up in person but it’s just not been convenient? Just hop in your car and meet up hassle-free and create some new memories.

And obviously nothing beats the fun of filling a car with your mates and just driving around!

At the Drive-In

One of the most exciting things about being able to drive is realising you will suddenly be granted access to the magical world of the drive-in! Or, more realistically in the UK, the drive-thru McDonalds. Movie or no movie, what’s not to love about sugary or salty snacks – and a needlessly huge drink – hand delivered to you while you stay in the driving seat. Also we have drive-thru Starbucks now.

Job opportunities: accelerate your career

The new year isn’t just an excuse to make changes, but can be a time to really try to actually upgrade your life. By progressing on your journey to attain a driving license, you’ll be taking significant steps towards encountering a new-found kind of freedom!

Alongside the general convenience and pleasure of being in control of your own travel, having a license – and not being limited to where you can reach by public transport – really opens up the variety of places you can get to for work, both in terms of type of location and distance from where you live. Simply put, you’ll have a lot more options when looking at job vacancies. Some positions even require you to hold a license. Even if they don’t, having successfully obtained one looks good on your CV.

Having this ability – and the flexibility it brings – might mean that 2019 is the year you land the job of your dreams!

Holiday time: ROAD TRIP!

It’s barely the middle of January yet but we’re already looking forward to our holidays (please say it’s not just us). Sure you can fly pretty much anywhere these day, but you don’t even need to book a flight in order to get out and explore the world. All you need is your car and some mates (or your special someone) and you can have an awesome low-cost trip on the spur of the moment. You know what that means: roooooaaaaaaddd triiiiiiippppppp!!

New year new you? Hit top gear

So these are all good practical and/or fun reasons to get your license. But there’s one final benefit to properly learning to drive, passing your test and getting your license: it feels good. Gaining new skills, making a success of a hobby, and being awarded a qualification are all rewarding and make you feel good about yourself. It’s an exciting boost when you get your official license card in your hand with your own picture on it (also tbh it comes in handy as ID – and feels much cooler than having to get out your old green provisional license).

The sense of achievement from activities such as learning to drive – even the accomplishment of completing some lessons and feeling like you’re working your way towards the test – is always a welcome boost for your mental health, especially during the cold dark winter months.

So go book some lessons or get back into the driving seat out on those streets! Trust us, it’s worth it.

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